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Jarrod Lawson review Manchester 2014; Live UK

Posted October 10th, 2014


So ..after all the anticipation – how was the concert?

Happy to report Jarrod’s the Real Deal. When an artist delivers great recorded material, the acid test IMHO is whether they can convey their art in a live setting, Mr Lawson most certainly can. His confidence & charisma shown through as brightly as his compelling songs.

The evening’ s highlights?..the confirmation via new material he showcased that its unlikely this debut will be a one album wonder, cuts like Soul Symphony, with its D’ Angelo influences was amazing. His duet with singer Tahira Memory, was a beautiful, meaning n feeling ballad. Quite simply – if ya didnt get to see him this time around.. dont miss out next time – Jazz Cafe 11 Apr 2015.

Props also to Farnell Newton, trumpet player extraordinaire who as well as being star turn in his band, introduced us on his own album debut to Jarrod Lawson’s immense singer / songwriter/ piano playing talents.


Full band line up

Jarrod Lawson – Piano / Vocals
Chance Hayden – guitar
Chris Friesen – bass
Josh Corry – drums
Tahira Memory – BVs
Molly Foote – BVs
Farnell Newton – Trumpet

Every once in a while, an album comes along by a new artist that raises the bar and blows you away (think D’Angelo, Badu, Maxwell). Jarrod Lawson has made one of those albums although all together different from those artists. His debut comprises songs and musicianship of such quality it is like a breath of fresh air. Jarrod writes songs with meaning, sings with true feeling and beautiful harmonies, and his keyboard playing is superb throughout.

Jarrod’s musical mentor, the legendary local singer and keyboardist, Bobby James has clearly left his indelible mark, evident in Jarrod’s trifold, multi-tasking live performance approach, covering both the right hand comp/solo and left hand bass keyboard roles, simultaneously spreading soulful lead vocals over the top of it all. Now, well on his way to making a name for himself in the Pacific Northwest, Jarrod has shared the stage with such international acts as Average White Band, Maceo Parker, Angelique Kidjo, Bilal, Ronnie Laws, Loose Ends, Liv Warfield, and Robert Glasper. Maybe best of all for Jarrod, so far, was performing at Stevie Wonder’s birthday party.

Whether he sings and plays funk, folk, R&B, rock or jazz – as has been said many times – “everything he touches turns to soul.” What began as a child’s interest in sound and rhythm has become a man’s expression of his own character. He sings from his integrity and spirituality, passion and compassion, empathy and sympathy…in other words, his own soul.


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